Everything you need to know before buying a painting online

Everything you need to know before buying a painting online

Everyone in their life might have experienced multiple times on “What kind of gift should I give?” situation. Yes! They’re not a lot of options available when it comes to gifting. It is always the best idea to present a gift that lasts for a lifetime and also has a lot of value to it, for example, a painting. It’s not only an awesome gift idea but also the best experience when you buy it for your home or company. Here in this write-up, we are going to list out points that are helpful when buying an artwork/painting online.

Magic of Research

There is something extraordinary about understanding more about an artist before purchasing a piece of their work; where they are from, what motivates them, and their own story. A couple of minutes of online research may create a feeling of familiarity, which adds that touch of magic when picking, hanging, and exhibiting friends your new artwork.

Know your Space

Look around your home. Do recall that a painting could be displayed throughout your house rather than on walls. Walk around and identify empty spaces that you believe will be a fantastic area to showcase a piece of artwork. You should also sit and see areas at the level. That will provide you with a notion about how the painting might be placed in that space. Artwork does not just need to be found high on walls, so it may also be placed low, leaning against walls.

Whom you’re Purchasing from

Frequently the online vendors are traders /brokers themselves who function as middlemen between the artist and the audience and make a percentage of the profit gained from the purchase. An individual has to check the broker concerning how long he has been at the business which would help discover his skill and genuineness of his responsibilities.

Size of the Artwork

Among the most important things to remember is to check the size of the painting you need before purchasing to make sure it matches your required environment. 

Cross-check the Legitimacy

Trusting someone you’ve never met or purchasing from a gallery you have never visited could be daunting. However, there are a variety of ways you can build confidence in the online world. Please find out about the creators or promoters of their online store, assess their professional or educational backgrounds, and should they have experience in the area.

The website layout and information presented on the website should provide you with a feeling of its legitimacy. Be sure that the website includes a secure presence by assessing the ‘lock’ sign beside the URL on your browser. Know the payment choices and check if the store is utilizing a reputable payment gateway. Make sure that you are given the correct invoice for the purchase.

Demand Certificate of Authenticity

Among the most important things that you can rely on is your certifications given to the art that justifies its validity, besides certifications from a famous art store and the artist’s touch about the art. You could always need any documentation together with details of credibility that might be suited to establish from the seller, the artist agent from whom you’re getting. Start looking for credible businesses that provide all the essential info like Artorilla.

Choose a Budget

As soon as you’ve decided where you are going to put your painting and have a general idea of the scale or size, those factors can help you determine a budget. It’s a good idea to decide on a budget if purchasing artwork. Going slightly over-budget is ok unless you are satisfied with the artwork.

Ensured Sale

Before you make online payments, be sure that you are purchasing from a genuine site with good payment services and ensured sales. Make sure that the online store enables you and offers you an opportunity to change your mind when an art arrives and to return it, following a reasonable period with no hassle, even if you’re unsatisfied with the product you purchased.

24/7 Customer Service

You need to make sure that your queries are answered. Choose an online store that provides 24/7 support and is willing to answer all your queries as quickly as possible. Also, choose an online store where your order is closely monitored and respond to you quickly regarding the order status.

Secure Payment Options

Verify that your payment is protected and secure before checkout. Make sure that the online store has all kinds of security to protect your payment. Ensure that the website uses an SSL certificate, as it is the industry standard to protect data and payment. A reliable art store should also offer multiple payment methods like Debit Card, Credit Card, net Banking, etc.

Return Policy

The return policy is useful if you love the artwork but are unsure about the uncertainties. Online portals also offer a complete refund provided that the painting has been returned undamaged at the purchaser’s expense within the specified time period.